In this series of videos, Deborah Plummer discusses the careful construction of the emotional environment in which the games and activities in her existing books are undertaken, which she calls ‘mindfulness play’, and which is discussed more comprehensively in her forthcoming book, Focusing and Calming Games for Children.

A short introduction to mindfulness play
Here, Deborah gives an overview of her approach and some examples of what mindfulness play looks like in practice and how to achieve it.

The wellbeing model underlying mindfulness play approach
Here, Deborah uses the imagery of a house to explain the wellbeing model that underlies her mindfulness play approach.

Top Tips for facilitating mindfulness play
Here, Deborah gives her top tips for ensuring that the games and activities used with children have their emotional wellbeing at heart.

How to set up a space for mindfulness play
Here, Deborah gives some advice on how to set up a play space that conveys a sense of respect for children, a vital consideration in mindfulness play.

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